People and Values

The three guiding principles below represent the key values of our organization that we continuously nurture.

Open Mindedness

  • We listen actively, communicate openly and value feedback.

  • We are open and honest in our dealings and foster a climate of trust and support.

Freedom Through Responsibility

  • We provide our people with accountability, responsibility and the resources they need.

  • We actively encourage exposure to our people to reach their full potential.

  • We provide role clarity and set and maintain standards.

Enterprising Spirit

  • We encourage an innovative creative environment.

  • We celebrate and reward the success of all our stakeholders.

  • We constantly challenge the way we do things.

Our Culture:

  • We as a group believe in open culture that gives space to creativity. It’s a simple concept and very powerful idea. Our culture is what will help us in achieving our vision and serving our travel partners with best solutions.

  • Our culture as whole has helped us to get where we are today and it’s what will help us reshape travel tomorrow. This is what makes us a great company to work with and work for.

  • We will continue to be more innovative, creative, supportive, collaborative and at the same time seek better and more efficient ways to make a difference in the world of travel.